Contemporary Worship


What is Contemporary Worship like at ALC?

  • At 8:30am each Sunday morning (except for Easter, Homecoming, Pentecost, Reformation, and All Saints Sunday) we gather for a less formal service accompanied by piano and guitars. Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday and the service is held in the chapel on the south side of our church building. 
  • ‚ÄčThe contemporary worship service seeks to modernize the Lutheran tradition and to create a relaxed worship environment with great music.


What is different about contemporary worship?

  • The worship service is less formal in presentation and participation. The congregation is encouraged to "come as you are" and music is presented in more of a "sing along" format.
  • Piano and guitar accompany congregational singing and Contemporary Christian hits are sung as well as gospel and worship and praise choruses.


Who is welcome at the Contemporary worship service?

  • All are welcome at 8:30 contemporary worship, regardless of class, race, age, sexual orientation, or creed. 
  • A diversity of ages attends the service and a nursery for parents with young children is provided.